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IXP focuses on software / IT talent.   This is our expertise.    

Sometimes you need to move fast.  You need an expert.  Someone who can understand your technical requirements, software stack and infrastructure to get what you need accomplished in your next hire.   

Our experienced recruiters give you that expertise so you have a short-cut.  You have recruiters who know the right questions to ask and can identify technical talent quickly. 

Types of Placements

Additional Information

Security:  Information Security Engineers, Security Analyst, Application Security, Cloud Security, Risk Management, Network Security, Firewall /Incident Response Engineers  

IT/Infrastructure:  Cloud Infrastructure,  DevOps/SREs, CI/CD Application Tools Engineers, Windows/Unix/Linux Systems Admins, Storage/ Data Center Engineers, Network Administrators

Software Engineers:  Back-end, Full-stack, Front-end, UI/UX - Mobile Developers 

Data:  Data Scientists, ML Engineer, Data Modelers, Statisticians/Research Scientists, Data Engineers, Data Visualization, Data Analysts (BI), Database Developers/DBAs, Architects

Additional Placements:

Program Management:  Project Managers, Business Analysts, Program and Product Managers

Embedded Software & System Engineers:  Systems and Device Engineers who work with sensors, bluetooth, connectivity - iOT/iOMT, Electrical/Electro-Mechanical working on software-integrated systems 




Simply, we can help you identify technical talent so you can get back to what you do best. 


Our experienced technical recruiters listen and work with you to quickly understand the technical gaps and/or specialties required to build and grow your team so you can achieve your deliverables.  

IXP recruiters are skilled at identifying technical candidates, asking better technical questions, and more importantly, finding the right soft skills for your team and company.  


IXP will partner with you to align hiring processes and smoothly deliver more of the right candidates.     

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