For Candidates

Tips & Advice


  • Keep your resume simple and clean.
  • Think about how quickly your resume is reviewed or scanned automatically by a software or an applicant tracking system.
  • Highlight your accomplishments so you stand out.
  • 98% of job seekers are eliminated at the initial resume screen; only the top 2% of candidates make it to the interview, according to Job Market Experts.


  • Don't wing it, take time to prepare before an interview (even a phone interview).
  • Be ready to interview yourself.  Often interviewers aren't very good at interviewing so have a few projects to highlight and weave them into the interview conversations to demonstrate what you've done.
  • Show you want the role.  Employers want to see someone who wants to work at their company.  Many employers shy away from the less enthusiastic.
  • Ask questions - find out more about the role, the team, the challenges, and how you may fit in.

Career Coaching

We provide additional career coaching services:

  • Resume Writing:  60 min to review & update resume including 2 edits
  • Job Hunting Strategies:  60 min to assist in developing strategies, approaches 
  • Interview Coaching:  60 min online interview coaching 
  • Negotiating Strategies:  :60 min online/phone to uncover tactics and strategies

If interested in 1:1 or Group Coaching, please reach out: